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Keep Big Money Out of Berkeley Elections

Big money’s influence on our politics is worse than ever. Fighting for fair elections and a government that is accountable to the people are values that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been fighting for all year. They are also Berkeley values.

So, while they continue the fight to overturn Citizens United and special interests like the Koch Brothers, we can take action right here in Berkeley to protect fair elections in our city.

Yes on Measure X1

Voting YES on Measure X1 ensures that the people of Berkeley – not special interests – are the top donors to candidates for Mayor and City Council.

Measure X1 encourages candidates to limit contributions to their campaigns to no more than $50 per person and only from Berkeley residents.

Measure X1 then rewards these candidates with six dollars of public financing for every one dollar they raise from everyday Berkeley residents. Measure X1 uses a small amount of existing funds and does not raise taxes.

Diversity & Accountability in City Government

Measure X1 will limit the influence that wealthy special interest donors have in our local politics. Measure X1 will also level the playing field for grassroots candidates running for office, and will bring more diversity and accountability to City Hall. 

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